How to Keep Your House Looking Good When Autumn Arrives

The days of a predictable property market ‘climate’ are well and truly behind us and as more people hold off marketing their property under the loom of Brexit, we are seeing a real shortage of homes to meet the ever growing list of demands from cautious buyers. The rules of the ‘Spring flourish’ and ‘Winter lull’ are a thing of the past and now what is important for prospective sellers is how they market their properties and not when. If your property is on the market or due to launch and you are concerned about the upcoming Autumn/ Winter period, we have some top tips on how to prepare and keep your home looking fresh and appealing during the colder months.

1. Professional Photography & Editing

As mentioned in our Standing Out On The Market 101, professional photography is a must these days and if an estate agent is offering a genuine professional service you should be able to work with the photographer to capture your home at its best, no matter the weather. That being said, our notorious wet weather in Cumbria and Lancashire can make their job a little harder but crafty editing can be used to add in blue skies and brighten the day.



2. Lifestyle Shots

Make sure you get some lifestyle shots and appeal to that cosy Autumn, Winter feeling; small nooks of your home that are perfect for curling up with a book, roaring fire places (if you are already on the market ask your photography team to edit the flames in), twilight photography looking in through a window into a warmly lit living room and the views revealed from the dropping tree foliage.

3. Garden Preparation & Maintenance

A note for those especially with larger gardens, its important to keep on top of the garden throughout the seasons as you don’t want people to be put off by the appearance for too much upkeep. Stay on top of sweeping the leaves regularly, clear the patios and ensure they don’t get slippery, clear out the borders of excess foliage, trim the hedges back and give the lawn that final mow.  Make sure you keep the driveway and paths clear too, highlight your home and appeal to that sense of Autumn nostalgia with outdoor lights as the evenings draw in. You could even try an Autumn wreath on the door and make sure your curtains are open, lights are on and fires lit to create an inviting and cosy approach.

4. House Preparation & Maintenance.

Now is the time to get on top of all those niggling jobs you have been putting off inside whilst you have been enjoying the sunshine outside. Touch up any paintwork, especially if it’s any residue left from previous issues like damp or settlement cracks as you don’t want to alarm potential purchasers over something easily fixed with a lick of paint. Get your boiler serviced as cautious buyers like to see due diligence when it comes to this and it is likely a question that will come up when you agree a sale. Replace any blown light bulbs and make sure your chimneys and fireplaces are swept and ready for duty.

5. Setting up for viewings

Set the tone and sell the season, make sure the heating is on and fires are lit. Where possible add some fresh autumn flowers, light candles with warming home scents like spiced apple and vanilla. Try adding some autumn toned throws and cushions to the sofas and beds to let viewers really envision how they would spend a cold and rainy day tucked up in the comfort of their new home. Make sure you clear away the cobwebs and clutter but remember to keep things homely!